A Dash of Pretty Siggies

Hello again, I’ve just barely finished two lovely siggies that were requested recently (I got these both of these done faster than the last one!) 
Here is Tegan’s:
And here is Cherise’s: 

I couldn’t find a picture exactly how you wanted, Cherise, so I used that one. However I do have a few more I could use if you don’t like this one. I can also change the font and/or colors. Just let me know!

You said you wanted yours bright and bubbly, Tegan, so I found the prettiest and funnest picture I could find. Plus it has balloons and butterflies. If you don’t like it that’s fine just let me know and I’ll remake it entirely. I can also change the font and/or colors and add a quote or wording on it if you would like.

I hope you like them but if you don’t you don’t have to use them! If you haven’t gotten one yet then just request. Even if you’re not a blogger here I’ll make you one for your personal blog.

Thanks for being patient with my while I took forever to make these.

Stay beautiful,



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