Guest Blog Post by Author Tawny Stokes: Musical Mayhem

Musical Mayhem
Tawny Stokes

Sometimes I just need to plug in some Enya and chill.  Or the LOTR soundtrack will work.  Anything celtic really. When I was a teen, I was all about the loudest, angriest, foulest music I could find.  That’s what I would chill to.  Weird how those things change.  Don’t get me wrong I still listen to loud, angry, foul music, but only when I’m in the mood.  Usually that mood is when I’m writing.  I had certain playlists for both Static and Demon Whisperer as I wrote them, filled with good fast fierce songs.

Here is my partial STATIC playlist.
Broken – Seether (with Amy Lee)
Getting Away with Murder – Papa Roach
Kick in the Teeth – Papa Roach
Not Alone – Red
End of my Rope – Trapt
World So Cold – Three Days Grace
Comatose – Skillet
Beautiful Bride – Flyleaf

I listened to a lot of Seether, Skillet, Red, Trapt, Flyleaf.  Which definitely suited both books.  And as a strange turn of events, often my tween would come into my office and question what the heck I was listening to.   Sometimes she would walk out with a new favorite song, or she’d come out shaking her head wondering about the sanity of her mother and her taste in music.

Isn’t that the way between parents and their children’s taste in music.   My parents hated my music choices as a teenager.  They couldn’t understand how I could understand all the screaming that seemed to be coming from the speakers.  But I understood it completely.  The Sex Pistols and Dead Milkmen were my kindred spirits.  We were all just raging against the man.   They were all about anarchy and breaking rules.  Huh, no wonder my parents feared for the worst.

Just as I’m sure a lot of us parents wonder how in heck our kids could listen to the bands and musicians that are out there now.  I know I still don’t understand some music.  For me its pop music, like Justin Beiber.  I DO NOT get it, but I do admit to having a few favorites like Brittney Spears and Rihanna and Kesha and Lady Gaga, but others, I just shake my head and question the sanity of anyone listening to them.  Or I question the ethics of the music in question. Especially songs about slutty girls and drugs and partying.   Just as my parents did when I was singing along to songs about tearing down society and protesting everything, I have to wonder about kids singing along to little ditties about slapping that ass and getting high.

Thankfully, my daughter has good taste in music. She likes a lot of same stuff I do, plus she has a huge love for trance, rave, and Tokyo pop.  It’s awesome.  I love that she loves all types of music.  From celtic ballads to heavy rock like Metallica.  It definitely tells me a lot about her.

If you could make a playlist for your favorite book, what songs would be on it?


One thought on “Guest Blog Post by Author Tawny Stokes: Musical Mayhem

  1. Whenever I need to calm down I listen to classical music. Like the Aston album or the Australian Girls Choir. I don't really have a favourite book, but I think Breaking Benjamin songs would suit a lot of the stuff I read. Great post! Thank you for guest-posting on our blog :D

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