Syd explaining visually what she has been doing.

Commissions for neighbours
Looking like a hippie when I haven’t got to be at work till 3 in the afternoon
Stocking up on inventory for my Etsy shoppe (still working on getting everything up)
Working on organising stuff for my upcoming mission trip to Hong Kong where I will be living for a few months (website/info here)
Plotting new paintings
Painting some more
Painting pinkblue women who may or may not be zombies
Painting rainbow women who may or may not be happy
So here is my ultimate question:
How can I get back into the writing mode and stay inspired? I get ideas all the time.
How do you stay inspired? How do you stay in the habit of writing?
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3 thoughts on “Syd explaining visually what she has been doing.

  1. How do I stay inspired? – Honestly…I don't know. I don't really "try", per se, it just kinda happens. There are times when I don't have any "new" inspirations, but "old" ones keep that time filled up. And then I have random dreams that give me epic plot ideas or come across a quote or experience an event or meet someone that gives me an idea for a character or something. "I think life is inspiring. I get my ideas from it all the time." – Ellen Schreiber How do I stay in the habit of writing? – I make myself. Some people will tell you not to force it because it comes out junky, by honestly, if I didn't make myself write, I probably never would. The action of typing at a keyboard and writing isn't what makes me do it. Rather, writing, for me, is an outlet for all the ridiculous ideas I come up with, and for all the scenarios I have playing out in my head. Eventually I get tired of them replying over and over in my head and make myself sit down and write them out.The first draft I actually dislike a great deal. I'm an editing kind of person. My best writing comes from that which I've edited, revised, and edited more. Once I have something down on paper – or so to speak – to work with everything else is easier for me.So off the mini bunny trail and back to your question. I make myself write. I go by # of words, because I'm a goal driven person. I have to visibly see how far I'm getting, and push myself to go for however long I've predetermined. In the last 3 months of writing my book, I made myself sit down every night with a goal of 1,000 words. Almost every night I ended with around 1,500-2,000 words. Once I get myself going – which may not be for 700 words or more – the words just go, and then I start to enjoy myself. Also depends on the scene. Scenes I've been imaging for a long time I'm usually excited to write, and I generally get into them easier.All right. That's my two cents. Have a great day, and good luck! :-)

  2. I think we both have a lot in common! What about busy schedules? If you have one, how do you make time to write alongside doing everything else you want to do?- s

  3. Ahhh yeah I have a busy schedule lol. How do I make time…well, basically the only real time I have to do what I want to do is at night. Which inconveniently is also the only block of time I can write during. So basically, I make myself write before I do whatever it is I wanted to do that night. That also seems to help motivate me to write faster :P lol. Or, if it really doesn't pan out or procrastination wins out, I double up on the weekend – whatever it takes to get it done.

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