Mariella Hunt

When Writing turns Upside Down

Every now and then it just happens. A story can go dormant in my head for a few months and suddenly–bam the ideas are back in my head louder than ever. So, what do I do? I write whatever scenes pop into my head. I do not write in chronological order anymore. I have bits from the beginning of the story down, some from the middle, and I still absolutely don’t know how the end is going to be. At this point I honestly can’t predict if the editing’s going to be worse than it is with a regular novel. I’m just doing what can me done to make my muse happy and not ruin my post-Carpal Tunnel Surgery hands again.

I don’t know if I’ve shared the pitch on here. I think I did. In an attempt to bring Escapism back to life a little, I will be sharing updates with you as I go along with this book. I bet I can have a first draft written on the computer in a word document by the end of the year. Probably not a final draft but a first draft. And since I’ve already written this story twice I can’t see that I’ll need that much rewriting. But again, that’s just me. I just know that I’ve been having an interesting time writing. Maybe I’ll even share a few scenes with you on here, and you can help me edit them.

We’re reviving The Escapism Project. Expect epicness.


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