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Random Writing Tip (or R.W.T)-"Must Love Your Villians"

Hello, Ecapists!

So long, no bloggie. My apologies, I have been WHAMED face first into a BUTT load of college homework. Anyone who knows college homework, you won’t have to think TWICE for what I mean. What’s really killing me? Humanities! I swear that is so friggin’ boring, I almost fell asleep the other night reading the dag’gone textbook! Anyways, I’m taking four classes. English 110, Humanities, Fine Arts, and U.S History, all requires a butt load of reading boring textbooks. Shoot me, will ya?
So, I have took the time out of my busy homework schedule, to write a comeback blog post. This is something I’ll probably start at random whenever I get hit with the inspiration stick. I got it hard today.

Anyways, I was talking to my grandmother today about how God loves animals too. (I’ve been battling an serious eye infection with a puppy of mine for the past week, I was afraid of having to get his eye taken out. So I prayed a lot this past week over it. And he’s doing better!) HOWEVER, this isn’t about God per say. This is about the anaology I came up with while talking about this concept. It started like this in my brain.

First, a year ago or so, I heard two women discussing how it’s sinful and wrong to care about animals, especially, souless dogs. I got so angry about that. So I got to thinking today on that, in an author’s perspective. Putting myself in God’s position in creating this world and the characters and beasts–us and animals.

God created man and beast, because He cares about us. If He didn’t care about us, He wouldn’t have created us. He created the bad people and good people alongside each other, because He loves them. Or He wouldn’t have created them. Same thing goes for animals. If God didn’t care for animals, He wouldn’t have created them.

Okay, out of the religiousness catagory, before I scare the people that don’t believe off. This really isn’t a post on religion, it’s just a way to explain my anaology in a perspective that people would understand–or well, how I came up with it.

This is what I came up with.

I LOVE/HATE the evil Queen on Once Upon a Time!
She’s the ultimate evil!
We all need to strive for a villian like her!

Us as writers, that create worlds, heros, heroines, and supporting characters alongside them, we easily love them, of course. Because this makes us understand them better. Know their aspirations, dreams, goals, personality, and just the very soul of that character. But do we really love our villians as well?
Wait, before you call me crazy, saying “We have to hate our villians, that’s what villians are for!”. No, not nessarily. We should love our villians to understand them better. To be able to figure out why they are villians, what brought them to the point of being evil, and just the very motive of their evil plots in their life. What makes the darkness in their souls tick and smolder.

Doesn’t that make sense? Just think on it for the next SIX seconds.

Let me count for you, keep scrolling.








Does it make more sense now? If it don’t then you’ll need to think on it more.

It makes sense to me. Because I have this one villian, that I REALLY don’t understand his motive and what really his secret evil plan is. It’s kind of put a hold on my writing because of that. So I think I need to start loving him, understanding him, and be there for him, like my ultimate author is for me and for the villians of reality.

This is my Random Writing Tip! “Must Love Your Villians”

I’m off!


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