Mariella Hunt

A Second Look at The Hunger Games

When I first read The Hunger Games, I didn’t like it. I thought it the first half of the book was too slow–and it sped up too much when it finally got good. But oh my goodness the movie looks awesome. I’m afraid that when it comes to books I tend to go with what’s most popular, and I’ve had an empty spot in my heart looking for something epic to replace Harry Potter (don’t wanna linger on that anymore!) With The Mortal Instruments movie still in the making, the escapist in me has become a fan of The Hunger Games. I’m reading it again and I can tolerate it. I know the reason’s a bit unimpressive, but I’m a fan now.
That music video of Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars both performing Safe and Sound didn’t help my critical self either. I’m obsessed with both of them and the music video was an absolute work of art!

Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars helped make me a fan. So did the trailer. And everyone talking about it. I just can’t dislike it anymore. As an escapist, it’s all I need right now to feel comfortable again–in a place that’s real in my heart. I’m the kind of person who appreciates reality but just needs a bit of make-believe to help nourish my imagination (and my fiction character self.) The Hunger Games is that. So even though I don’t like the pace and I didn’t like the writing style, I like the story. I can’t wait to finally get to the last two books. (I did buy the boxed set.)
I also absolutely love the actress who’s playing Katniss. She’s perfect for the role.
This is aboslutely what I needed to get my imagination working for my own stories again. Thank you, Suzanne Collins!


One thought on “A Second Look at The Hunger Games

  1. I know how you feel. I haven't even read the Hunger Games, because of the pace. I got fifteen pages in and I thought it was going to slow and I lost interest. But I like the plot though, I just can't keep reading it.So, I'm going to go backward at it. Watch the movie and THEN read the book. Let's see how this works. I'm already obsessed with this. HAHAHA That music video is amazing and Jennifer as Katniss is amazing!

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