RWT-"Your Character’s Individual Stories"

Hello, Escapists!
I have been posting a lot on this blog lately, probably because I want to see it back to getting where–somewhere, and more readers. I’ve even made a forum for us to get on. You can get to it at the top. Go get you and account! I’m getting bored over there! :)
 Anyways, this “Random Writing Tip” is… Your Character’s Individual Stories. We all know our main character’s stories vaguely. But have you ever thought into their backstory, as if it was a separate book altogether? Maybe this would help you when you come to writer’s block in away, because when your character just doesn’t cooperate sometimes, or just gets you in a bind with the plot because you know that wouldn’t fly with your character. I have this one character, I really don’t know her personality well, so I’ve been experimenting with her backstory that formed her personality.
 Okay, I don’t mean for you to write a story for each character, or a book for the matter. I mean, use your mind and figure out your character’s backstory thoroughly, so you can form a better personality for them.
How about a little character sheet? I don’t usually fill them out, but I’m going to start. Sometimes that’ll get you thinking.
Sample character sheet
Name: Seleste Douglas/Worthington (took name of her grandfather she never met, after her parent’s death)
Sex: Girl
Age: 17 1/2
Skin: Smooth light tan
Hair: Dark chocolate brown
Eyes: Midnight blue
Dress Style: Basic jean and t-shirts, blouses, and some tasteful length skirts
Height: 5’3
Facial Features: Small, wide, round face, with big eyes, small nose, and thick lips
Most Standout Facial Feature: Midnight blue eyes
Second Most Standout Facial Feature: Thick lips
Third Most Standout Facial Feature: Facial structure
General Personality Trait: Kind and strong
Personality Appearance: Standoffish
Hidden Personality Appearance: Love with all her heart
Most Held Secret: Her bad headaches she gets constantly
Nervous Reaction: Bites her lip
Anger Reaction: Chews the inside of her lip
Sadness Reaction: Walks away to be by herself
Previous Life: Family centered, happy, and loved life
Present Life: Appears to be happy, cautious of friends, dedicated to her guardian Vern, and her baby Dante, who Seleste is the god mother to. Hates big social groups, on top of her grades, reads books all the time.
Favorite Memory: A day at a beach with her whole family before her brother went to college and her parents were killed. They had a day that left a big impression on her life.
Most Hated Memory: Seeing her parents being shot at the bank, where her mom worked at. Seleste was shot in the shoulder and her parents were killed instantly
Person of Inspiration: Her mom
General Inspiration: To thrive to have a life that her parents would approve and be proud of
Family Life: Loved with all her soul, and looks at Vern as a big sister, and Dante as a little brother or nephew
Love Life: Never had a relationship, she didn’t like the dating scene. That is until she moves to a town in Jefferson, where boys there seem to tug at something familiar in her
Friendship Life: Minor friendships here and there, nothing serious or attaching. She gets pretty close to Poppy and Rhea though
School Life: Hates the social part of school, but loves the knowledge.
Mother: Cecilia (or Cicy) Worthington
Father: Gregory Worthington
Sibling #1: Joshua Worthington
Sibling #2:
Sibling #3:
Grandfather: Ambrose (some fancy Roman name here)
Grandmother: TBN
Dress Style:
Facial Features:
Most Standout Facial Feature:
Second Most Standout Facial Feature:
Third Most Standout Facial Feature:
General Personality Trait:
Personality Appearance:
Hidden Personality Appearance:
Most Held Secret:
Nervous Reaction:
Anger Reaction:
Love Reaction:
Sadness Reaction:
Previous Life:
Present Life:
Favorite Memory:
Most Hated Memory:
Person of Inspiration:
General Inspiration:
Family Life:
Love Life:
Friendship Life:
School Life:
Sibling #1:
Sibling #2:
Sibling #3:
Well, I’m off!

3 thoughts on “RWT-"Your Character’s Individual Stories"

  1. I think it also important to add about NOT being Mary-Sues! Next post you should link to the Mary-Sue Litmus test so writers can test their characters.- s

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