Spring Break Writing or Reading Goals?

I’m going to do a little bloggie to keep it going!

Thanks to the new followers and comments on the recent posts! We REALLY enjoy seeing them! :D I’ll swing by a follow you guys, too, sometime! This makes me excited!

Well, anyways. I’m going to discuss on some Spring Break Writing and Reading Goals I have set for myself–aside from a History research paper and Humanities video project, which I’m kind of neglecting right now while writing this blog post. Shoot. (~)>_<(~)

My goals.
1.) Finish off my NaNoWriMo novel “Deadly Deceived”, and send some eBook versions of it to whoever wants to read the first sucky draft.
2.) Read “Dark Inside” by Jeyn Roberts, or at least read some.
3.) Read “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diane Wynn Jones or at least some of it
4.) Attempt to start an outline the second draft to my favorite book I’m writing “Time with Seleste-Tied Destinies”.

It looks pretty good! BUT! Half of my break is over with! *chews nails*

ANYWHOOOO, what are YOUR Spring Break Goal that deal with writing and reading? Are you currently on your break yet, like moi? Or is it later? Tell me! I like to hear from you, so I know that you exsist or is alive! LOL!

BYES!! <3


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