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***SPOILERS*** Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts Book Review

Dark InsideDark Inside by Jeyn Roberts



Okay, I need to calm down before I write this review….
*takes deep breaths*
I just got this book yesterday night, and I have hardly had it out of my reach. I even read it on the go, where it’s so good!
In truth, I though the four perspectives would set me off a bit. I’m not a big of multiple perspective books, because the possibility of getting mixed up. But that was definitely NOT THE CASE with this book! Each perspective of Mason, Aries, Michael, and Clementine was so complex and different, that there was no possibility of getting them mixed up! Even the supporting characters as of Daniel and Jack, who I hope to be added as main characters if nothing happens to them. All I have to say NOTHING better happen to Daniel, he’s too yummy, amazing, and just AMAZING! I swear if anything happens to Daniel I probably won’t read the rest of the books. That’s how I honestly feel. I know that’s a bit out there for it, but that’s how I feel about Daniel.
What about that Nothing perspective? I’ve had my suspicions that it’s Daniel, because it sounds like him. Especially, when he talks about a “her”, which he could mean Aries.

Anyways, here is a perspective by perspective review of the characters.

I’ll start out with my all-time-favorite character and that is Aries. She’s tough and not a damsel in distress. She’s a leader and she knows when to be scared so she can keep her head in the action. Her having the sense of being scared, shows that she knows the limits and wouldn’t take stupid risks. She has a heart of gold and loves with all her heart, even cares for complete strangers like Daniel and some of the people in her group she takes care of. I love how she doesn’t break down or goes to pieces when her best friend was killed, she kept it together for her sake and worries and pries on it later. She’s a person that holds off her overpowering emotions for later, and deals with the most dire in that moment. I was instantly drawn into her characterm because I can relate to her–well, I hope I would be like her if a situation like this book’s premise happens, let’s hope not! I’m telling you! I LOVE ARIES’S CHARACTER! I thrived through the book to get to her perspective!

(I know he isn’t a MAIN character per say, but I have to give him some loving!)
What can I say about Daniel? He’s amazing! He knows what to do in bad situations and always seems to keep Aries safe when she can’t save herself, even when her heart gets in the way of her safety. He gives her that needed push to keep her alive. Daniel is the root of their survival. If Aries hadn’t survived that bus wreck and the Baggers attacking the bus survivors, there wouldn’t have been no Vancuver safe house. I highly doubt the rest of the group wouldn’t have made it without both Daniel and Aries.
I have high suspicions that Daniel is Nothing, the mystery perspective that gives the reader an insight to the Baggers. The voice sounds like him and his very motives. He isn’t exactly a monster, if he is Nothing. He feels remorse and he feels love and concern for Aries. It’s proven that some Baggers can have a heart and help if they still have a hold on their free will. Like Clementine’s neighbor Sam, who told her to run. Anyways, if Daniel is Nothing, it would explain why he leaves suddenly and doesn’t stay with Aries. He’s afraid that he’s going to kill her. That shows that he isn’t a monster.
I absolutely love his character, because he’s so complexed and has such a mystery that it makes me drool after him.

Now for Aries and Daniel’s relationship, if you can call it that… I don’t sense any instant love between her and Daniel. It’s more like a debt that they owe each other, that makes them think fondly of each, which grows through out the book as they think of each other in the distance. I think they uncoinciously kept close to each other because of their connection. Daniel relates to Arires and Aries relates to Daniel, because they are both brave and stubborn like mules. Daniel sees Aries as a strong, precious girl that he wants to keep safe from the Baggers, even from himself. Aries wants Daniel by her side no matter what, not caring about what he says. She is so wrapped up in his well being that she doesn’t see that he’s potentially dangerous. I think Daniel looks at Aries as being his rock to keep his humanity in check, giving him a motive to not give into the dark or just plain out die. She gives him something to live for. And Daniel gives the strenght and motive to fight and lead, having faith in her and guiding her along the way. Their relationship is so realistically done and really touching. Honestly, when love is discovered in a time of the end of the world, it gives a sense of hope. I hope Aries and Daniel have the chance to fall in love and nothing happens to neither of them. They are my favorite characters in this book!

He’s so screwed up. Point said. He lost his mother, all of his friends, his whole school, and then he lost a girl he grew to love and that is Chickadee. I feel that I’ll get to know him a bit more in the next books, because I have a feeling he’s going to be really important. He might even be interested in Aries, by the way he acted towards the end of the book. Which I’m not too happy with. She’s Daniel’s! Get away! Shoo!
However, I feel for Mason. He has potential of being a total sweetheart. And I feel his heartbreak. I cried when he lost his loved ones.

I thought that I wasn’t going to like her character, because she act like a total snob at first and a weakling. But I ended up loving this girl to bits by the end! She’s strong and smart, and so dedicated in finding her brother Heath, which is so admirable. My heart broke when her parents was gunned down by the Baggers and that her boyfriend turned into a Bagger. I love how she brought life back into Michael and chased away his cowardliness and his intentions of betrayal. He protects her.

I’m not entirely sold on his character, because of his cowardly ways. With how he betrayed his friends and left them to die. Evans was a good man. The mother and child needed protected. He could have saved them, could have gotten them out! But then he earns back some points with me, when he starts helping Clementine and protecting her in the face of danger.

The plot is amazing! IT’s so well thought out and portrayed so well between these characters. The Baggers concept resembles the Dawn of the Dead, I Am Legend, and 28 Days of Night. I was never a big fan of crazy/zombie killers, that takes over most of the world and almost kills everyone. But this book changed my mind. I absolutely love it. These aren’t zombies, they are still human. I don’t know really what they were, but they are crazy killers. I hope the mystery of the Baggers is more revealed in “Rage Within”. This mystery is a toughie!

I HIGHLY reccomend this book! SO GOOD!

God Bless
Kristia S. <3

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4 thoughts on “***SPOILERS*** Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts Book Review

  1. Suits my opinion on this book :) finished it half an hour ago and it lefts me totally confused…i rly want to know how it goes on – now! And I agree with you, i guess the nothing is daniel – between switch mode good and bad daniel…something like this :3

  2. I read the book and it was awesome!! I think my favorite character is mason but the second book is called rage within if you guys didn’t hear about it yet

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