Kristia S.

Hunger Games

Who seen it? Who’s going to go see it? Are you going this weekend?

I AM! I can’t wait! I haven’t read the books yet, but I already love the series. I’m going to see the movie first and then read the books. I’m going to weigh in to see if I feel the same when I read the book first and then watch the movie. If I feel more attached to the movie or the book. Hmmm… this will be interesting!

Give me your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Hunger Games

  1. NO. How could you? It's like…betraying the writers of the world!And FYI, I appreciate the movie much more after the book. Some things in the movie weren't elaborated on, and the book is much better. It's more complex, and Katniss is a better character.Either way, enjoy!And may the odds be ever in your favor.

  2. I might see it during the weekend or spring break, I'm not sure. I already read the books,and I love it. I heard the movie follows the book a lot as well.

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