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QUICK POST QUESTION: Dystopians Anyone?

I don’t know about you, but I am currently obsessed with the dystopian genre. Because it’s different and has so many twists, turns, plot, and worlds, that keeps me spinning like a maniac! I read “Dark Inside” by Jeyn Roberts either last week or the week before last and I am totally hooked and obsessed with it. I am now reading “Divergent” by Veronia Roth, which I am so much in love with it. It’s such a good tummy-tingling-goody-good read!

Anyways, what do you guys think of this genre? Do you see a large future for it? Are you currently reading a dystopian?

P.S I will be reading the Hunger Games book and then I will post my review on the BOOK and MOVIE. So…I’m keeping hush-hush on if I liked the movie or not. Unless, you’re my friend on FB and already know! LOL! :p


3 thoughts on “QUICK POST QUESTION: Dystopians Anyone?

  1. (I wrote a whole long comment, and then it was deleted. Hm…)I'm getting really sick of dystopians. They're all the basic formula, with very little variation in the details. They follow a free-thinking girl in a totalitarian government. And there's almost always a love triangle: rebel boy, and good boy.The genre I will never get bored of, though, is post-apocalyptic. Unfortunately, everyone confuses it with dystopian, while they're drastically different. Post-apocs are a complete lack of government. The world has descended into chaos, and the MC usually has a reason to be kick-butt–probably because she's fighting for her life. Or something.Dystopians have started blending together. Give me a fantasy any day.

  2. I really like dystopian books. But I agree with Riv Re, they get rather boring. They all have the same plot and are usually a trilogy. The variation is not much but I have found some rather dystopian books with a greater twist than others. It's called Variant, it starts off a lot like the Maze Runner but some unexpected twists keep you very shocked page after page.Maybe you will like this book for a change. It's sequel comes out in October. Have fun with it!Post apocalyptic is really good too. I am about three quarters of the way through a book called The Eleventh Plague. It is great, but is not as expected.Word for word I agree with Rive Re!!

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