Kristia S.

Dreams and plots for books. How do they relate?

I just had a dream today to inspire me yet another book idea. I need to count up the plots I have in mind to tell you how many I have. *attempts to counts* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (11) and that’s not including how many that is a series. Which I can count about half of them are intended series. So around 20 I might say.

Well, pretty much I can tell you this of this new idea. “One book grants wishes, but all six books can rule the world.” -Emperior Distane. It’s going to be a dystopian/utopia, that is influenced by Victorian England era. So the people will be wear shirts and blouses inspired by Victorian and the pants and skirts inspired by modern day today.  So they’ll be pretty original in just that. I’m going to title it “The Flying, Wishing Hero” or “The Destiny of the Wishbook” or “The Padalin’s Wishbook”. I’m thinking along those lines.


Do your dreams inspire your books, you writers out there? Or perhaps your fanfictions?

Give me your input! :D


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