What’s brown and sticky?

Ha ha. Best joke ever. (If you haven’t heard it before the answer is: a stick!)

Gosh, guys. It feels like a lifetime since we’ve last chatted!

Anyway, I’m here to stalk about sticking to your novel.
I have the attention span the size of a poppy seed. I have so many projects in my writing folder it is ridiculous. Double digits, baby. I get these fantastic ideas and I’m like “This is the one. It’ll be wonderful. I will finish it!”
Yeaaaah, no.
I write maybe one chapter, realise my writing sucks and that it won’t do the story justice.  So I quit. I chill for a couple of days and then BAM! Great idea. And the cycle repeats.


There’s this one novel I’ve been going on and off with for maybe a year. I absolutely adore this story, and it’s stuck with me through all the failed attempts. I finished a draft, at least I think it’s finished, but it meant it would be a series. And I don’t think I can do a series so early on in my writing life. Especially with school, I couldn’t handle it. I’ve started to rewrite it, and I’m still getting these feelings. The My writing sucks, and I’m not doing this story justice. My pace is too fast, everything is rushed, there’s no description, blah blah blah.
It sucks that I feel this way, it sucks that writers can feel this way.

But this is the one story I still haven’t given up on. I keep chasing after it and trying to really nail it. There’s a reason for this: I love it.

I love this story, and you know what? If I don’t write it, who will? There is only one me, there will only ever be one me, and only I will know this story. Only I know my characters so deeply I could write them into the 21st century, only I know the ways of my world. Only I can write this story. So I better man the frick up and finish it.

I love my story, I want others to love it too. How depressing would it be if you left this life, and only you knew this story, knew how it ended? No one else could love it like you.

As writers, we have a duty to share awesome things. I want my story to be shared, like all good things should be, I want to make people feel passionately. And I will hang onto this story for until I am old and withered to make it happen.

So before you quit that next novel, really think. If the world ended and you were the only one who knew your characters and your story, would you be happy? Let that drive you.

Stick to that novel!



One thought on “What’s brown and sticky?

  1. You and I have the same thoughts! :PBut I guess all writers feel like this at one time in our writing lives.I find outlining encouraging to continue on. Buuuut, my outlines end up being a rough draft, because I don't know how to shut up and keep it small. LOL In the past week I've almost wrote a whole book, that was meant to be an outline! LOLSuch a good post!Missed you being here!

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