Haymitch vs. Julian–A Tale of Three Woodys

He passed a disgruntled-looking Julian sweeping the floor on the way to the kitchen. Peter heard him talking to himself as usual, but this time sounding more unstable: “Where I come from, nothing needed to be cleaned. We were in water, so what was the use?” Suddenly he started shouting at some nearby customers. “It’s not like humans are exactly healthy anyways, there’s always something wrong with them. What’s a little germs and dirt? Lunatic, clean freak woman!”

(An excerpt from my novel, Allie, Exhale.)

Woody: “Am I the only one seeing that there’s
*jumps around, flailing his arms around crazily*
Yup, I am bold. The moment I saw Woody Harrelson come out as Haymitch in The Hunger Games I thought, “That’s Julian.” This is before I even knew the guy was famous before said movie. I just knew I’d found one of my characters–personality, looks, everything. Plus he likes to drink.
Kristia and I had an incredibly…well, crazy role play last night. We totally mashed The Hunger Games with my novel. I know THG is a lot better than my book (right now, because I still need to finish and then edit it! *wink*) I thought that after so long of this blog having little life on my part, I should start off my remarkable comeback with a bit of…well, life. Julian is the perfect subject starter.
If you’re wondering who my favorite character out of my own book is, you’ve got it right. WIN for the muse! (Yes…Julian is also a muse…an obnoxious, drunk, awesome muse.) Moving on.
Welcome to The Escapism Project’s grand reopening! We’re coming back to life for the summer. We have a Facebook group for the followers to bond and help each other with writing. Go join it and introduce yourself! The Escapism Project went dormant for a little while (except for the amazing posts from my friends when it was almost dead! I love you guys!) But now, it’s gonna be full of activity and it’s going to live up to its purpose: Come here for a good escape. Come here to make friends. And come here to goof off and put random actors’ faces on your favorite characters!
I’m excited to share with you all our new ideas for blog posts and review books, continue to plan the fairy wings contest, and all other sorts of fun things for you to interact with your favorite stories. On behalf of the contributors and all your favorite characters, welcome back to The Escapism Project!
May the odds be ever in your favor!

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