Mariella Hunt

Tearful Re-Opening

16620_10200240059663025_240308227_n(I fail at blog post titles, so even though I’m not really crying, here’s a dramatic one.)

I’ve missed being an Escapism blogger. I’m about ready to make that badge so I can display it on my website again. While the group has been up and running fine since we started our project a long time ago, the official websites have died no matter what we tried. Something tells me it’ll do better in WordPress because it’s easier to find artists on here.

We’ve made new friends and set new goals, gone to faraway places and expanded our interests. I, for one, am experimenting with poetry and art this year. I want to get better at the piano and be multi-talented by the time I turn 20. I’m querying my novel, Dissonance, this year–it’s finally edited enough that human eyes can see it, so I’ve also entered it in the Amazon breakthrough novel contest. We’ll see if I make it to round two, but the novel deserved a chance.

I’ve seen a lot of my friends grow in their talents as well, traveling to faraway places and winning awards, getting jobs that reflect their passion. I’ve met two of the old Escapists (Anna and Faith) had coffee with them both and marveled at how art can unite us all in ways we can never even imagine. Writing, drawing, paint, music, poetry–it doesn’t matter how we harness that Beautiful Other, every artist knows what it’s like to handle her. I blogged about that, in case anyone cares about my philosophical rambling.

Here’s a quote from it, in case you don’t want to click:

Now it should make a little more sense to you, why an artist is so difficult to understand. We are quiet, often frightening creatures that will see more about you than you thought there was to see. We’ll put puzzles together based off insignificant things, then insist it’s relevant to you as a person. We’ll ask you to stand still while we try to figure out a detail in your personality, something you cannot even see with the physical eye. Be patient with an artist and you might be made immortal by some classic work. Try to keep one around, too—the world will be so much bigger and more beautiful.
From The Artist as a Creature

This is not a blog, though. The Escapists are a group (find the link on the sidebar.) We strive for artistic excellence together, support one another and give advice. We’ll always be there for one another and I can’t wait to see all of you thrive in what you do. This isn’t my blog, not just because I’m an admin. It belongs to all of us–because if you’re a part of the Escapism group, you’re welcome as a blogger here, and we can write our adventures as individuals chasing our dreams. I hope you’ll stick around for the WordPress chapter, and we will be in touch for a long time.

The posts transferred from Blogger have their tags mixed up, and some authors who didn’t stay long may not return (though we hope they’ll check in, and they’re always welcome back.) The point is, our past archives might be a mess, but the text is still special and just in reading it you can see how much fun it was to start at the beginning. Now let’s mature together and continue creating art because it is our passion and it runs through our veins. Welcome back to The Escapism Project. I hope to see you round!


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