Mariella Hunt

Gently Chasing the Art-Bird

I’ve been chasing the tricky little bird named Art. He flits from branch to branch, occasionally letting you hold him but just as soon vanishing from sight. Some of my greatest focuses this year are sketching and watercolor. I’ve made most progress on sketching, although I’ve also been playing with watercolor pencils and digital watercolor.

Don’t yell–I am still a writer above all. The reason for my new endeavor is this: I would like to someday be able to illustrate my short stories and perhaps those of other people. It all ties in beautifully to tell a story to your audience! I’m not great at drawing but not terrible at it, so I’m excited to look at my progress when the year ends.

Have you ever thought of illustrating your novel? Would you go the extra mile to learn how? Do you think it’s necessary or worth it?

Here’s the bird I drew! He’s supposed to be blue. I’m not great at coloring yet.


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