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Have You Found Your “Writer Sweet Spot” Yet?

Want more MeMes?

Want more MeMes?

Writer Sweet Spot: a place in your writing technique, that works best for you in writing your book, poem, etc.

I don’t think I have found my particular Sweet Spot yet. I have only tried only a few techniques within the three fully finished manuscripts that I have written. That is my Time with Seleste-Tied Destinies, DEADLY DECEIVED, and now Righteous Wishes-Wishbooks of Distoria-book one. With Time with Seleste I used the technique of out right writing the book without a plan or outline. Well, that book ended up to be a 127k word count, and the plot jumped everywhere and I babbled a lot. DEADLY is another one that I really didn’t plan, but on the last half of the book I did end up outlining that last half (due to NaNoWriMo 11′ was coming to an end soon). I ended it at 100k, so a little bit better. Then the book I am now in the last scenes of finishing the first draft, it’s pratically ending at 167k. (o__0) I outlined the first half of the book, and pretty much threw it out after I started writing it, because it didn’t work anymore. I tend to babble and venture off into side stories like crazy, and get stuck in a plotless plain somewhere.

Ya’ll relate?

So I have yet to find my sweet spot.

The method that I am using now is: outlining.

Not like every detail plotted out outlining, but like pivitol points in the plot outlining. Just something to spot me while writing. The tools I’m using to do this is restful sleep before writing, Notepad-Write notes, Sticky-notes, Handwritten notes App. on my Nook (which is very handy), and Scrivener. The Notepad App, is very handy in the Sticky Notes section, from where I can blurb about the certain plot detail and build onto it by making other sticky notes, and I can arrange them in whatever order to see if it would work. It’s like a physical rearranging of the plot. Sleeping is helping too. So no like late night writing binges that by the end of the night, my writing has become gibberish. I wake up with new ideas and get to work again. Of course Scrivener is VERY useful in outlining on its notecards. :)

I know, I know, outlining isn’t everybody’s thing. But I’m still in search of a sweet spot, and other techniques could be someone else’s. Outlining is seemingly calling out to me like crazy as of late, and I’m going to head in that direction more. I’m trying to get my writing from babbling, to get to the point softly. :) (lol)

So what are your techniques? Have you found your sweet spot yet?


3 thoughts on “Have You Found Your “Writer Sweet Spot” Yet?

    • My opinioned answer would be, yes, you would know if you have your “sweet spot”. Because that will be when your story will flow better with almost no complications. That you have YOUR method of writing, and it’s best way to get your story out through that method.

  1. I definitely have not found my sweet spot yet. It seems like every novel I’ve attempted came into being in a different way. I guess that means I need to do a lot more writing so that I can figure out what my sweet spot is. I think it involves some form of outlining, though, since if nothing else I’ve ruled out pantsing as a viable method for me. (Every time I’ve attempting pantsing, my writer-brain has said something the equivalent of: “You wanted a disaster, eh? Well, here you go.”)

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