Mariella Hunt


Glasswing_butterflySOURCE – I hope you enjoy this story, and realize you’re beautiful!

Once upon a time there was a glasswing butterfly. She had no color when she flew, and children called her ugly, saying there was no difference between her and a regular insect.

This butterfly had burst from her cocoon, expecting to be admired like all the other butterflies. When she took off in flight, no one said a word—they could not see her; they only had eyes for the blue and yellow butterflies.

Days passed and our lonely butterfly would glide from flower to flower, but still no one saw. “What use is it,” she thought, “to be a butterfly, when I am invisible?”

She watched the other butterflies dance and play from her favorite red sunflower, but no one spared a glance to her.

As she watched from the warm sunflower, the butterfly noticed a horrifying thing: All the other butterflies with color were chased by young children and caught in nets. They were sealed in jars and carried away from the beautiful garden, where their last days would be spent alone in captivity.

“How lucky I am!” she realized then. “The children cannot see me!”

The butterfly had only a few days left to live. She stretched her clear and delicate wings then took off to fly into the setting sun. Round and round she went, never seen but never in danger; our butterfly explored all the bushes in the garden, laughing as the wind carried her away.

Finally she sensed it was her time to go. Satisfied with the life she’d lived, our butterfly decided to fall asleep in her favorite sunflower.

When she arrived, she found another glasswing butterfly already there. The poor thing looked so sad, it was almost as if he would never fly again.

“My dear friend,” said the butterfly, “why are you so down?”

“Oh!” cried the other, “I have tried so hard to be seen, but I am not…it would be better if I never left my cocoon at all!”

The butterfly settled down next to him, clumsy with fatigue. “I thought the same once,” she said, “until I realized that the butterflies with color will die alone in a jar! I have the choice to rest in my favorite flower.”

Her new friend remained silent for a long time. “Are you happy with your life?” he asked at last.

“Very much so,” she replied. “I only wish I had the chance to meet more butterflies like us—so they could fly with joy!”

“I’ll tell them!” said the other, with a burst of excitement. “I’ll spread the word to our brothers and sisters! You’re a hero!”

“I’m not a hero,” she said sleepily. “I’m just like you.”

Our friend the glasswing butterfly spread her wings one last time and fell asleep. Her spirit took off into the sky, while her body remained inside the beautiful red sunflower.

Word spread quickly to the other glasswings that it is possible to be different and happy. To this day, the glasswings call our friend the one who set them free.


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