Book Reviews / Mariella Hunt

THE IRON FEY by Julie Kagawa

I’m on book two of The Iron Fey series and think it must be the best I’ve read in a long time…or ever. I finished the first book and scrambled for the next one so fast that I forgot to even blog about it. Let me tell you, though, that these books make you really question whether there’s not a portal to your wildest dreams somewhere in your bedroom closet.

It opens up your imagination, makes you ask Why not? Absolutely gorgeous books and they help me with the world-building. Also, they are helping me survive now that the reality of my book being done–again–is starting to sink in. I might recover a little faster, without the temptation of starting a new book just yet, because of this series.

These books are also really, really making me think about whether or not I like technology. For reasons. I mean if I told you it would be a big huge spoiler. But of course you should expect spoilers coming to this blog. Suffice it to say that I’m spending less time on the computer, and not necessarily because my book is done or I’m really really lost in The Iron Daugher (which I am.)

My head just can’t stay on the ground very long. If I’m not writing, I’m in someone else’s story reading. This world is just so terribly boring, and my heart feels like it already knows something better, something exciting, that sweeps me away.

That’s just the escapist in me.

I could seriously keep a real travel journal but stay right at home, because I travel by reading and writing–and so much happens to me! It’s absolutely wonderful.

Stories take your heart more places than an airplane ever could.


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