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January Updates

coloredpencilsJanuary’s almost over–so much has happened already!

I’m excited for the months to follow. I’m going to gather my blog posts, sketches, poems, and stories from January into a scrapbook. I wanna keep track of everything I create this year, so on December I can look back and see my improvement.

My New Year’s Resolutions were goals I already had, so they’re easy to keep: Learn to sketch, play with music, write poetry, experiment with short stories. I hope your year will also be fruitful! Gather up your work, so later you can see how far you’ve come.

More people are joining us here on The Escapism Project: Old contributors from when we first started out, and new friends who want to join us. We’re still getting to our feet, though I reckon we’ll be steady by the springtime. We’re in the process of organizing old blog posts, giving due credit to old authors who haven’t joined WordPress. Some of them have vanished, others won’t reply or haven’t gotten the messages. Please stop by and tell us what you want to do with your old blog posts! Talk to me and we can get your account started, so your name is attached to your writing.

If you’re new and interested in joining, let me know!

Did you set any art or writing goals for 2013? Have you entered the Goodreads reading challenge? If so, how are you faring?


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