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Handy App Recommendation: Notepad – Write Notes, Sticky Notes, Handwritten Notes

Tablet Savvy?¬†Love apps? Want pointers towards good/useful apps? Here’s an app that’s helpful with writing!

App: Notepad-Write Notes, Sticky Notes, Handwritten Notes

Tablet System: Nook

Useful for: Jotting down quick ideas, and transferring them quickly and easily to computer when need to.

Rating: <3 <3 <3 <3 < –four and a half hearts!

I have just recently purchased this app on my Nook a few weeks ago. It has helped a lot in my plotting/outlining my second draft of RIGHTEOUS WISHES. (see my profile on information about say book) It’s quick and easy.

See image 2: You can jot down a quick blurb about a scene, the book, or even just a plain out idea to toy with. You can color code it too! I find this very useful in my outlining because I get so unorganized with outlining and plotting. I lose documents full of such things like crazy! On this app it’s backed up! :)

See image 3: At my fingertips, I can rearrange scenes and ideas around, to toy with the order and see what it would lead to the utmost outcome. I really like that, because it can link and be placed wherever, before me even writing it! Just write the summary or blurb and go!





So I highly recommend this app to whoever that has a Nook, or is able to get this app! :D It’s very helpful!


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