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Have You Got Your Million Words?

I have heard it said, or more likely I have read, that we writers don’t find our voice until we’ve written one million words.

Word Count ChallengeThere was a post that I recently reblogged from another blogger. It was titled “What a Million Words Will Get You”

I have come to be inspired by challenging myself  to get that million words. I’m desperate to find my voice, because just the thought is exciting!

The challenge for you is simple:

Add up your word counts from your projects in your writing life–exact, estimated, or roughly rounded. Gather it into a word count meter and post it on your site and put the title above it “The Escapism a Million Word Count Challenge”, or grab a graphic code that I will soon have available. The word counts can come from books, poetry, essays, or even blog posts that you think will count towards finding your voice.

This challenge isn’t for a prize–unless you count finding your writing voice, or just seeing the progress you have made as a writer a prize! Just picture how much you have grown as a writer from you earliest work to the latest. This challenge is purely set on progress, progress, and more progress! At the final moments of hitting that million words, here’s the fun part, look from your latest work and then to your earliest work (if available); compare and contrast them both and see the difference and growth of your writing!

Then maybe when we hit the million mark I’ll challenge you guys to a PRIZED contest. (Like, write a compare and contrast essay on your progress from the early project to the latest?) Now don’t go get that million words just to win the challenge, there’s no deadlines. Take your time and allow growth.

Here’s my progress so far within the four years of my writing life! I’m nearly half there! Give or take some things. I’ve actually lost a lot of my earliest work, I may be even closer of not already there. But I’m sticking to this number.

422198 ~ 1000000 (42.22%)

Oh, if you’re wondering. There isn’t any deadlines…exactly. Perhaps, if you’re close to the million mark, maybe challenge yourself to hitting it by the end of the year! I think I’m going to challenge myself to do as such! Just remember those who want to participate you HAVE to comment on this post or contact me somehow. I’m going to give the post some time to gather readers–to see if it gets up off the ground, and then maybe I’ll put a deadline. As you can see, this idea is in its beginning stages. (:P) A work in progress!

Okay, here’s a revise of this. I told you guys that this was a work in progress. (;D)  Now here is a possible contest that will be coming up soon. For the people who have already hit the million word count, or not that far from it. It doesn’t have to be a million words, it can be a big hefty number. I just like a million. A million words is quite an accomplishment! It shows how dedicated that you are to writing. Regardless of finding your voice or not. There must be some improvements since word one to word million.

Here’s the possible contest that will be coming up, and you guys can go ahead and get prepared! Write a compare and contrast essay, that compares and contrasts your earliest work to your latest. And we’ll pick the best essay based on how dedicated and passionate it reads. There’s no limit on the word count. It can be a standard three paragraph essay, or the five that consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Whichever you feel most comfortable with.

I’ll post more details later on. Just don’t stress over it too much. This challenge/contest is in its early stages.

Comment your progress below and maybe link to the blog page that you’ll have dedicated to this challenge, and I’ll link you to the writing challenge sidebar!

Hmm, now I’m struck with something. Should I count this blog post to my own word count challenge? (LOL)


12 thoughts on “Have You Got Your Million Words?

    • Oh yay!! LUCKY! haha Do you feel a sense of voice? Or improvement from your first writings to your latest? I’m asking this because I wonder if one really “has” to hit a million words to find that voice. It can be different and various from writer to writer.
      Honestly, I just think a million words is an accomplishment in itself! That shows how we writers are dedicated to our art so much that we stuck to it until a million and over. :D <3

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  3. I count 450,000 words on my official fiction projects. So, still a ways to go — but not bad, considering I have all sorts of random snippets tucked away in odd corners of my room and computer that aren’t included in that number.

    • You and I are pretty close together on that! lol! But I really haven’t dug through all of my stuff either. I also write a lot of snippets, unfinished projects, fan fiction, etc. :) I’m probably pretty close, if not there, but I just haven’t had all of my work available to count it all up.

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