Announcing the WINNER of the Owl Challenge

We started a challenge on February: Write 500 words about an owl.

Four people participated. Or technically, three; I wasn’t going to enter until I noticed that we didn’t have enough entries. I just thought it would be unjust to have a mod up as a contestant.

But, our winner–out of four stories that were almost dead tied–is HUMANS by Sam E.

Here is an excerpt, click here to read the rest of it, and our critique will be up soon!

Congratulations, Sam!



They think that’s what we are—some sort of soundless thing that’s so beautiful it need not be heard. They think we’re so observational that we don’t need words, that all we need is to fly. They think we’re so magnificent that all we need is to soar above all of them, watching—waiting for the right time to return home. Do they know that we eat? Do they know that we kill?


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