“What light through yonder window break!”

Hello there, it’s monday night at last! I thought today would never end. We’ll now continue on with the rest of the week and I’ll still be here with you all spouting my nonsense about poetry. 
Well, since today’s been a long day for me, I decided that I would just post up one of my poems. Albeit, I was a bit slow on the uptake I’ll be sure to show you all what kind of things you can create with poetry. 

Now, the last post I wrote mentioned the writing of both sonnets and ballads but I’ve only got one example for you all – and unfortunately the subject doesn’t really tie in with love. Though, I suppose it’s all a matter of interpretation, yes? 

Clear eyes wander but are seldom blind

Clear eyes wander but are seldom blind.
Heedless is he of the hidden faces,
enshrouded in tatters, he is maligned
and the hatred – his world it replaces.

Time has ticked away on the melting clock
whilst veiling fog enwreathes the crueler folk.
Kept confined in a world become paddock,
the blundering fool – their kindness revoked.

Astray, the fool is but a sinking stone.
To him, black waters show no shades of grey.
Battered by the wicked who sit a’ throne,
he wore his own mask, and for them did pray.

Clear eyes wander but are seldom blind;
poor man to others but not in his mind.


There you have it! A sonnet written for my creative writing class (which will be included in the anthology that I am currently working on). I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any comments or questions on form or theme (or message) then just write one up. 

Write on.


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