Howdy y’all! I’m Laura. Image


I’m a blogger/author/photographer/publicist/full-time student/crazy redhead. (can we say mouthful!?) I run a successful blog called Howdy Girl, where I blog about my life as all of the above. I’ve been blogger there for three years now. Apparently I have an interesting enough life to blog for three years straight. 

I recently launched my author website and I’m busy burying my head in my book, The Assassin, which was an inkpop top pick WAY back when. For those of you who remember me, yes, I am still working on that book. A few months ago, it had an identity crisis and decided that it would be a New Adult book instead of a Young Adult book. So, I’m completely starting over. New plot, new characters, new structure, but I hope for those of you who’ve read the older versions, you’ll still recognize some of the characters. 

In addition to reviving my author career, I’m a publicist at Entranced Publishing, an ebook publishing company. Be on the look out, some of the Entranced authors will be making a stop here soon!

On top of all of that, I’m the co-owner and co-founder of Maple Bluebonnet Studios, a photography company with my best friend. You can often see our pictures featured on our facebook page, or on Howdy Girl. 


If you want to stalk err, follow me, you’ve got a lot of options.

Howdy Girl: website | facebook | twitter | instagram | pinterest

Laura, the author: website | facebook | twitter


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