What’s a Library, Anyway?

Today my little sister and i were in the living room. She was watching Disney XD and I was reading a book. I was into my book and was completely ignoring the T.V. show, until I heard one of the characters say the dreaded words, “what is a library?”

At once I set my book down and pressed rewind, thinking I had misheard it. But sure, enough, the words were said again.


As a writer and reader, I found that really stunning and it got me thinking, why would that channel advertise such a thing? Kids not knowing what a library is, kids dreading to read…It’s makes me feel flabbergasted. It makes me extremely sad.

I started thinking about other shows (Hannah Montana, iCarly, etc.) and realized that not many characters in those shows like to read. A lot of them hate it. Why?


Is it because T.V. networks don’t think reading is “cool”?

Well, it is.

It makes me sad, as I said earlier, that kids are exposed to that attitude. To the what-is-a-library-anyway attitude. Back then when there was no T.V., no video games, no internet, kids would carry leather-bound volumes every where with them, because at that time reading was considered “cool.”

I wish we could have those times back. I wish television shows would stop making characters like that; the stereotypical tween/teen who hates reading so much that he does not know what a library is. I would like to see a show where the main character is an avid reader. I really, really would.

– MS


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