Inspiring a Character

As I try to relaunch my author career, one that has kind of fallen through the cracks while I grew my blogger “career.” I’m perfectly fine with that fact, but now, I think it’s time to find a balance between the two.


At the end of December, at the urging of a former friend, I ditched everything I’d ever built into The Assassin, and started over.


Completely started over.


The only thing I had leftover was Cassie Dreandry. But now, she’s older. She’s twenty, almost twenty-one. She’s always been mature, but now she’s a total bad-ass. Like any other character, she’s influenced by people. People in my life and characters from other stories. Today, these are the characters that have helped inspire a new Cassie.



Photo Credit

James Bond is the ultimate spy. Skyfall was the first James Bond movie I saw, and can we just say badass? I love spy movies, action, conspiracy movies, and James Bond has it all. Sure, he’s a guy, but he’s the spy.


Photo Credit: ABC Television Network

Kate Beckett is the female lead on Castle. She’s Castle’s muse and now girlfriend(!!). She’s a by-the-books cop. She’s one of the best, and she doesn’t stop until she gets the truth in a murder investigation. Her mother was murdered, just like Cassie’s, and the way she deals with it is something I hope I can capture in Cassie.



Photo Credit: Covert Affairs Wiki

Annie Walker is the main character of USA Network’s show Covert Affairs. She’s a new agent, so she’s a bit young and just a tad bit naive. Cassie is a lot like Annie. They’re both young, and at first, they’re just a tad bit optimistic. Cassie, not so much because of her background, but both Annie and Cassie (and Kate Beckett) want justice to prevail.



Photo Credit: Stephanie’s Obsession

Oh, Stephanie Plum. Several times, I’ve sung my praises for her and Joe Morelli. In fact, Connor’s nickname for Cassie, “Cupcake,” comes from Morelli and Stephanie. Cassie’s like Stephanie because even when neither of them know what to do, they keep on trekking and they won’t stop.


So, these are just a few of the people I draw inspiration from to influence Cassie.



2 thoughts on “Inspiring a Character

  1. Good luck. I have a hard time finding a balance between serious writing and blogging – making a living and doing what I love.. which is writing. Keep writing.

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