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March Wrap-Up/April TBR

So March came to end this Sunday and April started, and I decided that this would be a good time to do a quick overview of the books I read in March and to talk about books I hope to read in April or books that are coming out in April.

Books I read:


City of Glass (Mortal Instruments #3) by Cassandra Clare. 5/5 stars.

I read this book toward the beginning of the month and I loved it. After reading City of Ashes, which was eh, I was really surprised and happy to find out how amazing this book was. It was supposed to be the last book in the series, but then Cassie Clare decided to extend it to three more books. But, from what I have heard, the next three books deal with a completely different story line. And I can see where it could. But, anyway, I loved this book. There were so many twists, though. I feel like the dullness from book 2 was made up for in this one.


The Lucky Ones by (Bright Young Things #3) Anna Godbersen 5/5 stars.

I did a review on this book so y’all know I loved it with all my heart. And Anna read the review and posted it on her Facebook page and that was just the coolest thing ever.


Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer. 3.5/5 stars

I also did a review on this and really liked the book save for the predictability. But I will definitely be checking out book 2, Scarlet, which already came out!

So those are all the books I read during the month of March. It was definitely a busy month so I barely got to read, but I am currently on Spring Break and that means I will get to read more awesome books! Now, since it’s a new month, I decided to share my to read list. These are books I will (try) to read this month.

To Read:


Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

I’ve heard a lot of good things and my completely insensitive and heartless friend (Hi, Melissa! *waves*) cried during it so it must be amazing. Also, we are just about to start the Holocaust unit in history and since this book deals with the Jewish Holocaust I thought it would be fitting. Also, I am currently reading The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank for the first time.


Alphas (Alphas #1) by Lisi Harrison 

My friend lend me this book and I have yet to read it because of my lack of time. But it’s Lisi Harrison so it must be good. I love Lisi. Her books are so amazing and funny. And they don’t take high school as seriously as some books do so I love her for that. She also has a new series coming out this September so I’m super excited to get that and to start reading this series.


Requiem (Delirium #3) by Lauren Oliver.

Okay, I have to read this book. It’s the conclusion of the Delirium series (WHICH I LOOOOOOVE) and after that cliff hanger from book 2, I’ve got. I’ve just got to read it NOW. However, I’ve heard really bad things about this book so I’m completely scared. But I hope it’s good. And for those who haven’t heard, a Delirium tv show is being made and Emma Roberts and Gregg Sulkin are in it and I am fangirling so bad about it.

Now, this month also brings a ton of amazing new releases and here are the ones I am looking for the most.

New Releases:


Light (Gone #6) by Michael Grant.

I have been a fan of these books for soooo long and I am sad yet happy to see this end. This book comes out April 2, so tomorrow for me. And I am so happy. I don’t know If I’ll get to it this month but I would at least be able to put it in my shelf and gush about how good it looks with my other Gone books.


True (Elixir #3) by Hilary Duff.

All right, so a lot of people  know that I LOATHE it when celebrities write books. It pisses me off greatly, but the thing is, I love Hilary Duff and so I had to read this series. She obviously didn’t write the series herself, but I was able to overlook that because of how good it was. And the cliff hangers in each of those books killed me, especially the one in book 2. And the thing is, it took her soooooo long to announce this book. I was starting to think she was never going to end this series. After the ending of the previous book, I just needed to know what would happen next. Although the blurb doesn’t sound that promising, I’m hoping I’m wrong.

So a quick extra thing about this books. The covers piss me off. Maybe it’s just me, but they don’t seem to match and Hilary Duff is in them. Personally, as a writer, I would find it so awkward to be in my own book cover. Just like no.

elixir series

This books comes out April 16.


Sweet Peril (Sweet Series #2) by Wendy Higgins.

I’m so excited about this book because Wendy is an amazing writer and I am looking forward to see what’s next in Anna’s story. And, knowing Wendy Higgins, I’m expecting a lot of steaminess like in the first book. That’s why I lover her so much. This books comes out April 30 and I am trying to get an ARC, but I don’t think I will be able to so I am going to have to wait till the 30th like everybody else. *sigh*

the program

The Program (The Program #1) by Suzanne Young.

This book comes out April 30 but I managed to score an ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy). So I will be reading that and reviewing here, but I am definitely going to buy a hard copy version of the book. Because so far (I’m 130 pages into the book) I’m loving it!

So that was my March wrap-up and April to be read list. Now, what books did YOU read in March and what books are you looking forward to this upcoming month!

Have a nice day/night!



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