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Only You by Lorna Peel Review

“Jane Hollinger is single, divorced, and the wrong side of thirty – as she puts it. Her friends are pressuring her to dive back into London’s dating pool, but she’s content with her quiet life as a genealogy teacher.

Robert Armstrong is every woman’s fantasy: handsome, charming, rich and famous. When he asks her to meet him, she convinces herself it’s because he needs her help with a mystery in his family tree. Soon she realizes he’s interested in more than her genealogical expertise. Now the paparazzi want a piece of Jane too.

Can Jane handle living – and loving – in the spotlight? “


Pages: 111

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publication Date: April, 2013

My Rating: 3/5 stars

Publisher: Entranced Publishing

So from what I could find on the web, I’m pretty sure that this is a debut novel and it reads like one too. Don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean I didn’t like, because I did. It just means that it has its faults, like all books do. And it’s job as reviewer to point out these flaws so that YOU, the reader, know what you’re getting into. All books have its flaws and that’s okay, especially in debut books. So I’m going to talk about what I didn’t like first so that we can get that through and we can get to what I did like.


Although some of the things the characters said were Ha-larious with a capital HA (see what I did there?), there still was room for so much more development. I felt like the only characters that were fully developed were Jane and Robert, which I guess it’s good since they are the main characters, but I would have liked to connect a little bit more to the secondary characters, as those are the ones that often steal the show.


Another thing I didn’t like was that there was tons of dialogue and not a lot of action. I understand that dialogue is helpful for developing characters and whatnot but I felt like there was an excess here. It almost read like a script. I had to go back at times to see which character was saying what. And the action that was present was too brisk and read more like telling rather than showing, which I did not like. I wish it would’ve been more detailed and precise.

Now here it goes…what everyone has been waiting for…the list of things I liked.


It was not only a simple, cliché romance, so kudos to the author for that. Although the story contained lots of romance, as it is a romance people and I HEART romances, it also had some suspense as the genre section up there mentions. I’m not going to spoil anything but let’s just say Robert’s family has some dirty little secrets.


I don’t know if it was on purpose or not but this book had a lot soap opera aspects, and it was fitting since Robert acts in a soap opera. A lot of critical, dramatic events in the book have this soap-opera-esque quality to them that I really enjoyed, as I am a die-hard fan of soaps (Days of Our Lives, East Enders <3). So this aspect of the book was perfect. The drama, the tension between Meg and Jane somewhere in the middle, it was all very dramatic, and I LOVED that. So, once again, kudos to the author.


As stated above, the dialogue dump was one of my dislikes, but among the dump, there were a lot of them I enjoyed a lot. They were hilarious and super witty. And, as a lot of people know, I am super jealous of authors who can write funny, witty, seemingly effortless dialogue. So, for the third time, kudos to the author. Now here’s a few of my favorite quotes. Don’t worry. No spoilers.

“Because the women –and quite a few men — in the guest books, message boards, and forums would queue up to rip your clothes off and handcuff you to the bed so they could smear cream all over you and lick it all off.”


“Good. You were the one, who tried to suck all the blood out of her through her neck, too, weren’t you? You bloody vampire.”                                                                                      


Now, if you want to read more of those funny lines, then you’re going to have to buy the book. And it’s definitely worth it. The book was filled with romance and suspense, sprinkled with a ton of funny lines here and there and had a dramatic feel. Although there were a lot of things that could be fixed, this is a debut novel and it is a pretty great one. I’m sure that the author’s future novels will definitely improve, as we all of our writing improves as long as we work on it and I’m sure Lorna Peel will. I look forward to reading her future work.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend this book for everyone. This is not an action book or a paranormal romance. This is a contemporary romance book with a sweet story. If you’re into romances and soap operas, then this is definitely the book for you!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR                              


Lorna Peel lives in County Sligo, Ireland, and when she’s not writing, she researches her family history. She’s had some pretty varied jobs, including Tour Guide, Professional Genealogist, Bookseller, and Census Enumerator, but she thinks she’s going to enjoy being an author best of all.

Author Website:





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