Poof-ing and other nonsensical things.

ImageLong time no see my fellow Escapees. I mean, you’ve all come from that nicely padded room, too, right? Well, if you haven’t you must still have tried on that comforting hug-yourself jacket, right? Anyway, I was taking a nice, long, nap in that lovely padded room thanks to a couple of nice gents who said I would be “comfortable” and “safe” there. I thought it’d be a good idea to listen and looks like they were right! 

Now, that explains my poof-ing, right? Alright! Usually I’d give a nice long lecture on the going abouts of poetry and other things but I thought that I’d give you all a little break. So, today I’m just going to give you a little poem to read and mull over until the next time I post. So, without further ado :

Clear eyes do wander but are seldom blind

Clear eyes wander but are seldom blind.
Heedless is he of the hidden faces,
enshrouded in tatters, he is maligned
and the hatred – his world it replaces.

Time has ticked away on the melting clock
whilst veiling fog enwreathes the crueler folk.
Kept confined in a world become paddock,
the blundering fool – their kindness revoked.

Astray, the fool is but a sinking stone.
To him, black waters show no shades of grey.
Battered by the wicked who sit a’ throne,
he wore his own mask, and for them did pray.

– Sabryna Brooks


You know, you should tell me if I’m repeating myself with the poems that I’m giving out. I’d hate to become monotonous and repetitive. Yes, that’s it! Send me a message (in the comments or request my email) and give me some suggestions about what you would like to know about anything poetry related, or even (just for a little while) if you want some feedback on your own poems. [This is a once in a lifetime chance (not really) and you should take the chance while it’s there my friends].

Well, that was the nonsensical stuff, right? Now my parting words before I take my leave : 



– Write on, write on! 


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