Is It a Bad Thing to Be a Writer, When You Constantly Battle Self-Esteem Issues?

Kristia S.

That’s my hundred-dollar question there.

405881_182489848518567_466545857_n_largeI have always battled with low self-esteem, so much to the point of bad anxiety attacks that render me in a low place. I think it got worse when I was a teenager. (go figure, huh? Teenager, who knew?) I constantly endured smart Aleck attacks from other teens and get this (a teacher) at one point in my teens. However, some of these things still haunt me, and work on my self-esteem. The one thing that really stands out to me is: Teenagers don’t allow you to forget the mistakes OR the embarrassing moments.  To my notice, teenagers LOVE to mention the things that get you down, and chase it with, “Aw, I’m just kidding you.” or “No offense.” Thinking that it’s perfectly okay.

Sometimes  I can’t go out into public without shaking. But that has gotten better over the years. But if I go on let’s say…

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