BOOK REVIEW: “The Shades of Alabaster” by Carrie L. McRae (on swoonreads.com)

Kristia S.

The Shades of Alabaster


The countries of Leotia and Eastonia have been at war long enough to forget why they started fighting in the first place, and both monarchies are in a state of crisis; for the first time neither has a ruling monarch. Fifteen-year-old Rhona Gustave learns she has strong ties to both the opposing royal families, and her heart becomes torn in two directions. When her mother is arrested by Eastonian mercenaries, Rhona puts her own feelings aside, leaves Leotia behind, and joins forces with Atticus—a sixteen-year-old Eastonian with a will for adventure and a mission of his own. Rhona faces the daunting task of going up against the most powerful man in all of Eastonia, Regent Pierce Gar Dovian, and she must do this while also battling her feelings for the increasingly unpredictable Atticus.


A title that I very so much wonder: why isn’t…

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