To become a stagnant pond



To become a lovely stagnant pond ^


Most writers say that you should take a break from your craft. They say that when you run into a dead end that it’s best to just stop and leave it at that. I, on the other hand, say that you should write through it. Or at least try to.

If you were to stop writing, do you believe that you’d be bettering yourself? I highly doubt that. To stop writing is to let yourself stagnate, to wallow in your short comings and never overcome the obstacle before you. 

You should seek further inspiration, seek for consule from your friends and family to see if they can help. If not, then listen to music, read other people’s work! 

I mean, if you really want to, then stagnate and rot as a writer and just forget about it all for a month, maybe  a year, or two, and then try writing again. However, I bet if you try it that way you’ll stare at a blank page in front of you and you’ll think to yourself and you’ll wonder why no words are printing themselves on that page.

You’ll wonder why the worlds that you’d created just a few months before will not return. You’ll be stuck. You’ll be a stagnant pond with little life left in it. 


So, there’s my advice. Now here’s a poem for you, written by me (of course): 


The eyes of an innocent


Transluscence, irridescence – innocence doth hide concealed

 envied blues held within none but a infant’s grasp for too soon;

too soon such blues will fade to grey – neverlasting


extended fingers search to grasp; extended to the unknown

welcomed is such knowledge, and feared all the same;

all the same corruption’s hand will grasp – no liberation


tentative, such steps are taken to reach the knowing

though childish blues know no hesitation, none;

none are spared the knowledge – the forbidden fruit


transluscent blues do darken; blues become grey

corruption’s hand does guide innocence to hell

at last the apple is bitten, bittersweet ending







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