Cherise is a 19-year-old homeschool graduate with a passion for words (they’re her favorite), literature, complex moral and cultural issues, and reality (of all things). She’s an evangelical Christian (which informs the way she thinks about everything else), and she thinks too much for her own good.

Her life goals include inventing telepathy, traveling back in time to steal G.K. Chesterton’s brain, saving Western civilization, and writing something that makes complete strangers cry.

Her highest aim with her fiction writing is to convey a deep sense of wonder. She also hopes to find a way to make a career as an epigrammatist, which so far isn’t going very well. (It’s hard to get people to pay her for Facebook statuses.)

Her personal blog is In the Shadow of Poetic.
Cherise wrote this bio with less sanity than she would have liked and hopes the reader will forgive her.


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