Jocelyn King

Jocelyn King is a fairly typical teenage writer. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s practicing a routine at her dance studio or hanging out with friends. Her current residence is the Slytherin fifth year dorm room at Hogwarts and she loves to hang out in the library with her Slytherin roommates. She’s also a devoted Christian and a lover of all arts, particularly of the writing kind.

Though she’s not in college yet, Jocelyn has her major picked out: British Literature, with a minor in teaching. But for now, she’s happy with her literature classes and bookshelves full of things to read and reread. She calls anything she does ‘research’: going to the movies, people watching, reading a new book in a genre she doesn’t particularly care for, even looking up the lyrics to a new favorite song is research.

Right now, she’s working on a few different series, but her ‘baby’ is the Fabricate trilogy, about a girl who’s been plagued with nightmares since her father died in a plane crash. On the first night she hasn’t been woken up by terrifying dreams about the crash, she comes home from class to find that her mother is missing and the boy from her dreams is very real. Throughout the books, Risaluv Prewitt has to find out the secrets that her family has been keeping from her, particularly about the ones her mother kept from everybody but Risa: even if she doesn’t know it yet.

Jocelyn’s belief is to follow your dreams and see where they take you. You don’t get to choose your life, or what happens in it. All you can do is throw your hands up and enjoy the ride.


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