Kristia S. (Admin)


Kristia S. lives in District 12 (Katniss Everdeen is her neighbor)—or as normal people would know the location as West Virginia. She is a proud Appalachian citizen, and always will be. She just doesn’t break out her bow and arrow nearly enough like Katniss as she should, but she makes up for it in other areas of District 12 kind of life.

She’s a twenty (twenty-one on May 17, 2013) year old devout Christian. She attends her church on a regular basis, being a chaperone on youth outings, and on occasion teaches a few youth classes. Kristia is currently in her second year of college, majoring in Early Childhood Development and will soon be minor majoring in Graphic Design.

Midst her busy schedule with school and church activities, she’s writing her beloved book series WISHBOOKS of DISTORIA, in which she’s currently drafting the first book in the trilogy RIGHTEOUS WISHES that was her 2012 NaNoWriMo. WISHBOOKS is a YA fantasy, romance, and Christian allegory trilogy, that follows a girl named Emma through a world called Distoria. Distoria is ruled by a ruthless emperor named Luca Distane. Distane having his eyes on a Wishbook of Emma’s sends her on a journey for her life. With a Wishbook by her side, a boy named Ace, and her little cousin Sadie, they all are battling and running for their lives, and discovering themselves along the way. This is her most beloved project of all time, and people will see it on book shelves one day!

Her dream is to become a published author that inspires young minds world-wide. She wants to be a role model that supports the possibility to achieving dreams, find an innocent, mind-blowing romance, and have an adventure with life, love, and faith. Just to have the most beautiful life possible, even if it’s lived in the pages of books. To show that books can be life, and that a person can breathe and live it just the same as living reality.

You can find her personal blog here.


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