Mariella Hunt (Admin)

Mariella Hunt is 19 years old and lives in the Treasure Valley. She has spent all her teenage years writing and that isn’t about to stop anytime soon. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and two surgeries didn’t stop it–nothing else will.

She has one novel almost ready for querying, and is associate editor for Catholic websites Ignitum Today and Catholic Lane. Her novel, The Wishing Well, made it to the Top 5 in Inkpop and was reviewed by a HarperCollins editor; eventually it will be edited for publication as well.

This year (2013) she has taken an interest in poetry and art, especially sketching and watercolors. With hopes to improve at the piano, Mariella hopes to be multi-talented by the time she turns 20. She also plans to use TeenInk as much as possible before that birthday comes up; view her TeenInk profile.

It is her dream to be a published author and Catholic youth minister. She wants to read every classic novel ever written and be a storyteller for children around the fire. You may add her as a friend on her writing Facebook here (her personal Facebook is for close family and friends only, she hopes you understand. ^^)


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