NIGHT OWL by Rachel Lynn S.

Stone-like, the owl stayed. Alone and unwanted for many days. Until a child, she came to play, and wanted to love the owl so grey. 
It was a busy spring day and the town was only just beginning to wake up from its long, chilly winter. People downtown hurried on their way, in and out of the buildings, floating with the rhythm of the thawing snow, which was quickly forming puddles all around.
In one building was Samuel Youngs Gifts, a second hand shop known for its very unique collection of wares, and which was quite popular for its sales this time of year. The clerk there was delighted in the many customers he had been getting for the day.
“Mommy, mommy,” a young girl begged to her mother. “I want the owl!” she said as she tugged on her mother’s coat, pointing to the crowded table close behind them. Her mother had just finished paying the clerk for some gardening tools which were still in good condition.
“No dear, we must be getting home for dinner now,” she said and with a smile to the clerk, she picked up her bag, and began to exit the store.
The girl deeply sighed as they left, not taking an eye off the stiff, mysterious figurine that sat amongst many of the other miscellaneous objects.
Then the owl once again was alone.
The next day, the girl and her mother had to go back to the store where the owl was, and the girl was secretly delighted and had hoped her mother would allow her to get the owl this time. With one big smile, she walked through the door with her mother and then ran to the owl. But the owl wasn’t there. Desperately, the girl began to look around.
“They are over here, dear,” the woman said to her daughter, referring to the large rack that held a bunch of seeds.
The girl didn’t move, and nearly began to cry.
“What is the matter?” the woman said.
“It’s not here… the owl! Mommy!”
“Oh, I’m sorry honey, but I said we weren’t here for the owl.”
Sorrowfully, after paying for their seeds, the girl left the store with her mother.
In bed that night when the girl couldn’t get to sleep, all alone in the dark she was, and just as she was about to scream for her mother, she suddenly could hear a mysterious noise coming from the window. She glanced over to the window, not in fear, but with surprise. Rising up from under the covers, she slowly walked over to the window and looked up through the moonlit glass. There it was, the owl, sitting on top of a tree.
“Owl!” The girl exclaimed quietly. She stared at it for a moment, smiled, and then went back to sleep to the sounds of its calming voice.
In the morning when the girl woke up, she ran down the stairs to her mother.
“Good morning, honey,” her mother smiled at her. “Did you see what your father got you?”
The girl gasped. A present? Where!?
“You didn’t see it?” her mother said, the girl nodded. “Go back upstairs, you will see it.”
Suddenly, the girl raced back up the stairs and right when she got to her room, there it was, the owl. The stiff, grey, mysterious figurine, sitting right on top of her dresser.
“Owl!” exclaimed the girl. Now they would never be alone.

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